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EV-1 and EV-2

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Ev-1-both.png EV-1 rear.png

Fractal Audio EV-1 expression pedal

Product information:

"The EV-1 is an all new EXPRESSION PEDAL, perfect for use with all Fractal Audio Systems products (and many 3rd-party devices). Unlike most expression pedals it has a true linear response with planetary gearing and a long, smooth pedal throw. The EV-1 doubles as an analog volume pedal, with separate IN and OUT jacks connected to an audio-taper pot. It features a sturdy cast metal housing, comfortable non-slip rubber tread, and is available in either Silver or Black."


"The planetary gear drive solves the dead zone problem."
"They also work as a traditional volume pedal. There are two ganged pots inside, one is a high-impedance log-taper volume pot and the other is a low-impedance linear-taper expression pot. The design is our own." source
"We make tour-grade equipment. The potentiometer in the EV-1 has a conductive plastic element with IP67 ingress protection. It is rated for 1,000,000 rotations and probably costs 10 times what the pot in other products cost. The housing is cast aluminum which is then powder coated for extra protection. You're getting something you can give to your grandchildren." source
"The EV-1s are fully made in China except for the pots which are made in USA as nothing in China or Japan met our lifespan requirement (1 million rotations minimum)." source

Buy TRS-to-TRS cables directly from Fractal Audio.

Fractal Audio EV-2 expression pedal

Expression pedal and analog volume pedal.

EV-2.jpg EV-2 front.JPG


EV-2 review video.

Compare sizes

Fractal Audio EV-1, Ernie Ball and Mission:
Exppedals sizes.png

Fractal Audio EV-1, Mission and Fractal Audio EV-2:

More information

Overview and comparison of both pedals, by Michael French.

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