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Control Switch

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About Control Switches

A modifiable parameter can be assigned to a Control Switch (CS) instead of an internal or external controller. This applies to the AX8 and Axe-Fx III only. The CS can be controlled with a switch on the AX8 or FC controller.

This allows controlling a function like Input Boost in the Amp block directly with an onboard switch.

The state of the Control Switch is saved per scene.

Control Switches on the AX8

The AX8 has provides two Control Switches, which can be assigned globally or per-preset like any other footswitch block from the main Footswitch (“FS”) page.

To set up a Control Switch footswitch:

  1. On the Footswitch (“FS”) page, use the NAV and A knobs to assign CS1 or CS2 to footswitch 1 – 8.
  2. Add a modifier to the desired effect parameter, setting “CTRL SW1” or "CTRL SW2” as the source.
  3. Adjust the modifier to work as desired.

To set initial values for a Control Switch:

  1. From the main FOOTSWITCH (“FS”) page of the AX8, page right to the CONFIG page.
  2. Select the CONTROLLERS option and press <ENTER>.
  3. Page to the CONTROL SWITCH (“CTRL SW”) page.
  4. Set the initial value of each switch for each scene to either “ON” or “OFF”.

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Control Switches on the Axe-Fx III

The Axe-Fx III provides 6 Control Switches.

The Control Switch can operate as a latching or momentary switch.

The state of a CS is stored per scene: On, Off, or LAST. "Last" (default) leaves the switch state unchanged when you change to a scene with this setting. The "per scene" settings can be accessed from the CS PER SCENE page in the Controllers menu.

Control Switches can be made part of a mutually exclusive group. This means that engaging one will bypass the others.

The Control Switches also let you transmit MIDI at will by pressing the switch, in conjunction with an FC-6 or FC-12. This doesn't depend on a preset change or scene change. Up to 4 MIDI commands (PC or CC) can be transmitted.