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Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra

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About the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra

The first generation of the Axe-Fx processor featured two models:

They are still being used today because of the top-notch effects.

With the release of the Axe-Fx II in May 2011, Fractal has discontinued production of these models.

Firmware development for these devices has also ended.

"I really wish I could update the Standard and Ultra but it is simply out of memory. There are literally 1309 words left (out of 128K) in the Ultra's EPROM. That's enough room for maybe one or two amp models and that's it. IR slots are limited by the size of the SRAM which is fixed. I'd like nothing more than to bring some of the Axe-Fx II modeling to those old products but it's simply not feasible."

Firmware, manual and software editor

Preset compatibility

Presets for the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra are not compatible with later generation hardware.

Tips and tricks

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